Thank you Ohio for the Warm Weather, FINALLY!

It was a very long cold winter, happy to be back at it! We have gotten in so much fun folk art and antique/vintage treasures, please stop by when you have time! Working today on updates to the website, hoping to add more social media presence too! I asked those two little humans that lived in my womb but they are very busy, so hopefully once summer comes, we will have more time! We have partnered with to offer custom engraving! Engraving on almost any flat surface, we have some items in the shop if you would like to come check them out! Other than that, new hours are available and I will be adding the second Sunday of every month, June-August! We do a Second Sundays at Stagecoach, with my lovely neighbor upstairs, and usually have some fun giveaways and treats! Looking forward to seeing familiar faces and new! Love and Peace all!

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