Yearly Reflections, the strangest year yet......

I just noticed, I am still blogging, with Dad's name and it kind of feels right. It reminds me why I have fought so hard, this year, to keep things going and remain positive. I know we have all been impacted, by this looming virus and are all doing the best we can to stay healthy and remain happy. We are living in an unprecedented time in history, which seems apropos, in this business. I hope future generations will be able to reflect on the heroes of 2020: Our health care workers, our protectors, our essential workers and all the individuals who made small sacrifices for the greater good of all. As this bizarre year is in the home stretch, I want to take a minute to thank, all of you, for your support, your friendship and your visions, it is certainly what keeps me going! I haven't thought too much about what next year will bring because I am focusing on the present and remembering, there is no day but today.......

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